Everything To Do With Sex Show Starts Off With a Bang

Nikki Benz eggs on the ladies and gents at the media launch of the Everything To Do With Sex Show.

Earlier tonight, Club Wicked was packed with a lot of hot sweaty bodies and one tipsy Porno the Clown. But in addition to the usual business of swinging upstairs, downstairs had just as many half-naked shenanigans.

Organizers of the Everything To Do With Sex Show gave the media a bit of a teaser and taste of what's to come this weekend including lingerie a' plenty, belly dancing and Caribbean male strippers. But it seems the main attractions were the big adult industry names gracing the stage.

Playboy Playmate Jayde Nicole (Port Perry's finest) was probably the most polite of the guests and offers a chance to win a trip to the Playboy Mansion.


BDSM sex goddess Maxine X (also from Ontario!), dressed in a skimpy sailor's outfit, threw some porn out in the crowd and announced that she's auctioning off a plaster cast of her boobs and donating the funds raised to help find a cure for breast cancer. I think a lot of people decided to head upstairs to the swingers area after she said, "I swing here so you might want to come by sometime."

But perhaps the raunchiest moment of the evening was courtesy of Nikki Benz, the spokesmodel for Screaming O, makers of sensual vibrating penis rings. She invited four ladies from the audience to compete in a fake orgasm contest and did a bit of yelping herself.

Speaking with Ms. Benz afterwards, she pointed out that she's really looking forward to experiencing everything Toronto has to offer.

"I'm very excited, I love this city, people are so nice," she swoons. "The parties are great, the food is awesome, I'm just so exctied to be here. I'm looking forward to doing simulated blowjobs and we're just going to be crazy. It's going to be off the hook."

We might debate whether we're a world-class city, but when it comes to porn stars, we seem to know how to throw a party.

The Everything To Do With Sex Show begins today and runs until Sunday at the Automotive Building at the CNE. Check the Web site for more info.



UPDATE: For photos from the show, head to:

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