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An event that truly raises the bar for dialog about sex is a rare and beautiful thing and seen even less in Toronto, a city that is still sometime seems like its coming to grips with it's Scottish Protestant roots.

One venue that consistently challenges the status quo is Goodhandy's Nightclub; located on Church Street. It's run by Mandy Goodhandy (aka Amanda Taylor) and Todd Klinck, both of whom have a background in club promotion and the production of adult videos.

With the recent acquisition of Northbound Leather's Fetish Night and their events in support of sex-workers, T-folk (and their admirers) and drag kings, not many other venues can claim to support such a wide variety of scenes and allow on-site penetrative sex. Unlike many swinger's clubs, Goodhandy's is upfront about what they do and who attends. For example, their Thursday night plays host to a stunning array of T-girl escorts and the (mostly) men who are into them. The absence of a let's-pretend-they're-not-hookers vibe is refreshing.

What I really like is their willingness to accommodate various scenes while simultaneously giving them an opportunity to mingle Ă la Vazaleen. For those of us who are into this kind of thing, you won't find it anywhere else. and their I Love Sex Parties night is a perfect introduction to the debauchery.

Unlike some clubs that overcharge you for the privilege of fucking in-house Goodhandy's only asks for a measly ten bucks from guys while t-girls, t-boys and women get in for free.

New this month is a women/trans only area and, as usual, the second floor is clothing-optional and at the stroke of midnight, there's an orgy which I can only assume is fairly self-explanatory having not experienced it first-hand.

For those who are Facebook-inclined, you can join the Goodhandy's group and get on the guest list for many of their events.

Also, you can sign up for their mailing list in order to receive invitations to more private parties.

I Love Sex Parties
Tuesday, September 25
120 Church St.
doors open at 9pm


Photo: Goodhandy.com

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