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Disability advocates are raising money for T.O.'s first-ever accessible sex party tonight at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

Filmmaker Loree Erickson, as mentioned in Japhet's previous post, is a York University PhD candidate and is not satisfied with the image of disability as asexual, and only worthy of charity. To counter that, she is bringing together a group of Canadian and U.S.artists with disabilities to challenge stereotypes and raise a few eyebrows for an evening of film and performance about sex and disability.

"By offering an intricate, sincere, and sexy image of disability, I hope to contribute to lessening the stigma, fear, lack of recognition and shame that contribute to the desexualization and devaluation of people with disabilities and bodily-based oppression in general," says Erickson.

Presented by Come As You Are, it should be a fun evening with performances by AJ Withers, Julie Devaney (My Leaky Body), and Peggy Munson (Origami Striptease) as well as two short films by Erickson.

The evening is a fundraiser for Acsexxable, billed as Toronto's first accessible sex party in August.

"People with disabilities are shut out of more than just employment opportunities and inaccessible movie theatres," explains Cory Silverberg, co-owner of Come As You Are and co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability. "They're denied access to sexual opportunities most non-disabled people take for granted. I think the idea of taking a private sex party and making it fully accessible is both a long time in coming, and makes an important point about accessibility in general."

Come As You Are will also be exhibiting Loree Erickson's photographic series, Revealing Femmegimp, until the end of this month.

Reclaiming the Gaze: Saturday July 21st at 7:30pm. $10 or PWYC. (tickets available at the door). Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Tallulah's Cabaret, 11 Alexander St.

Illustration by Robert Ullman

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