Hot Girl-on-Girl Action Jackson

It was my first girl-on-girl experience and I felt like I was a 15-year-old boy. Again.

Clumsy hands, awkward posture, not knowing what to do exactly. It brought back horrible images of high school -- making out with my first boyfriend in my bed at my parents', nervous laughter and me apologizing for maybe doing things wrong.

I met this girl and her dominating boyfriend off someone off Craigslist. Word of mouth from strangers -- that's weird enough. She and I got together one night and on her bed, she started to kiss me on the lips. Her, being completely bisexual and experienced, she wore the pants between the two of us.

Her lips were softer than any boy's I had ever touched and I was somewhat taken aback with the sensation. She undid her bra. Then mine. Oh my god. This is the first pair of live breasts I've seen besides the gym changeroom. I was slightly embarassed and kinda shyed away for a second.

Eventually, the two of us sat there naked with a moment's silence. Some giggling occurred.

"Yeah, it can be kinda awkward...let's just go with it," she urged.

I've always been curious about what it'd be like to be with another woman, which is why I decided to try this and keep an open mind. My first choice, however, I know would be with a guy. I think Margaret Cho said it best: "I'll eat that if they don't have what I really want."

So I went down.

Now, this is where I felt like I was 15 again especially. Sure, I have these parts myself, but all girls are different. Things that feel good to me might not to her. So I started lapping away the vinegary juices off not just at her clit, but around the entire area. I thought of what would feel good. And at some points I felt like Johnny football hero as her hips rose and my hands squeezed her thighs harder as they began to close around my head. I kept doing what I was doing, but then like pigeon smacking against a window, it halted. She loosened up and I started feeling helpless.

Then I saw her yawn. Oh god. This is awful.

She gave me 30 mins. to try and make her climax and I failed miserably. But in turn, she gave me some pointers as she tried to make me cum. And she did pretty effortlessly. The funny thing is it didn't really matter that it was a girl going down on me. It could've easy been Kang or Kodos and it probably would've felt the same -- including the alien goo.

I now have a higher respect for guys who are orally gifted. It's definitely harder than it looks.

Photo: God is For Suckers

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