Pam Hong

Get to know a bartender: Pam Hong of The Garrison

Meet Pam, the hurried gal tending bar at The Garrison. Even at such a frenetic pace, her wry sense of humour still engages the bar goer. She's got more kick then the drinks she pours. Pam welcomes with no pretension and sparks up a conversation with ease. When she's not slinging pints, she's spinning records at Unlovable. And her music selection at The Garrison was awesome the night I stopped by for a chat. I asked this gal about town some get-to-know-you questions.


Pam Hong or DJ PAMMM

How long have you been bartending?

A year and change. I started at Unlovable and moved to The Garrison a couple months ago.

Name three reasons why you live in Toronto.

Born. Raised. Family.

Trick for the perfect pint.

Every tap is different. The gas is measured differently and some beer is more foamy than others. You have to feel the tap out.

Pam Hong

Favorite customer and why?

Respectful ones because they aren't too fussy.

How do you deal with a rowdy drunk?

Look them straight in the eyes, speak firmly but remain calm.

What's your favorite drink? (to make? to drink?)

A Caesar or Jameson on rocks.

What's your favorite bar or hideout (other than where you work)?

Unlovable or Camp 4. The staff are awesome and I usually run into someone I know there.

What cocktail do you hate making the most?

Polar Bears. Just annoying.

Worst thing you've either seen or heard in a bar?

Once I was backstage dropping off bottled water for the band and one of the guys told me he had just done laundered his underwear and asked me if I wanted to smell it. I awkwardly declined and ran away. I wish I had punched him but was caught off guard.

On your days off, we can find you (doing/at)?

Beer orders. But no, really, unpacking at my new apartment. Eating, drinking er "socializing".

What's your favorite word for drunk? (Sauced, Pissed, Loaded, etc)

Drunx, as in he is way too drunx.

Pam Hong


Straight Up or On the Rocks? Rocks

Gin or vodka? Vodka

Light or Dark? Light

Sweet or Dry? Sweet

With a twist or olives? Olives

Lemon or Lime? Lime

Tonic or Soda? Soda

Labatt or Molson? Molson

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Photos by Peter Henderson

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