Typos, Odd Jobs and Delusions of Winter

While awaiting our dinner, Lalibela and Kitfo platters, my table of friends -- along with bloggers everywhere, who may or may not like Ethiopian food -- noticed the "Where's Obama?" thing on the nearby TV. (My crew figured it was an intern prank, and apologetic CNN host Wolf Blitzer blamed the graphics department.) As for this typo in the Globe's slideshow, while it may have been an honest error, I'd rather chalk it up to an overactive imagination, or maybe a Freudian typo.

Meanwhile, Toronto's odd jobs market remains strong -- and weird -- as ever, with calls for Village People impersonators and "freak" DJs to revive the all-ages dance party scene. Then there's the morning helper gig for a busy guy and his dog Benny, though take note, as tasks include both pet care ("experimenting with various cooked/baked/prepared meals; teeth cleaning") and "office" tasks ("loading and organizing my S50 (mp3 player)"). But hey, the guy "couldn't care less if you smoke pot as long as you wash your hands thoroughly before petting my dog." Finally, did I misread the forecast, or would not a team of "24/7 on call" snow shovelers have bupkis to do right about now?

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