The Blogerati Files: CraftyGrrrl.ca

This week in the Blogerati Files, CraftyGrrrl.ca

Describe your blog in 10 words or less.
My Adventures as a mum with a fiber addiction.

Why did you start your blog? Blogiversary?
I was feeling very isolated with a new baby and having moved away from the downtown core and my friends and I wanted to be able to connect with more people who's vocabulary had more than just guttural wails and coos. It helped me to cope with the cabin fever and post partum depression. Craftygrrrl.ca's birthday is May 7, 2005.

How long have you lived in Toronto?
Since I was 19 so...12 years...I now feel old...thank you...

What's the funniest/strangest thing that has happened to you in Toronto?
A few weeks ago my husband found a note in our mail box from some anonymous neighbour asking us to mow our lawn and I did blog about it...

What are some of the changes in Toronto that you have seen in your lifetime?
There have been so changes in the city that I have probably forgotten more than I remember but things like the Moose sculptures, the summer of the squeegee kids...those all stick out.

What era, day or event in Toronto's history would you like to re-live and why?
I'm rather interested in the early days of Roshdale College around 1968. I think that was a great idea and concept that sadly went very pear-shaped.

Who's your favourite Torontonian?
That's a darn good question...Jenny Friedland. She was a fringe candidate in the last Toronto Mayoral Race before we became the Mega City. I would love to know what she did afterwards.

Can we believe everything you post on your blog?

Has blogging changed you or enhanced a personality trait?
I don't think so...

Lose any friends or muck something up because of a post?
I haven't lost any friends but one of my mother's sisters came across my blog and went ballistic about a few posts I had made and was calling my Mum non-stop until I removed the posts that she found offensive. We have stopped talking to that Aunt.

Fav bloggers?
I love reading Whipup.net, craftzine.com and Susiebright.com and my friends' blogs are great as well...

What's happening in Toronto right now that the rest of us should be watching?
Hmmm, I don't know...it's questions like this that remind me how much my life has changed now that I have a kid. My focus is different and my time is quite limited so I'm out of touch with stuff I used to be in the know of...And strangely enough I'm quite okay with it all...

You have the opportunity to gather with 5 of your regular readers - who are they, where do you meet and what do you talk about?
Let's see...it would probably be Denny, Rachel H, Jen, Laura and Emma Jane. We would meet at LettuceKnit in Kensington Market and talk about knitting, spinning and booze...basically it would be like a regular Stitch n'Bitch night...

Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask random people throughout the world?
Yes, plenty - most of them have to do with how to cook various signature dishes from their cultures.

If your blog were a food, what food would it be?
Oh so many choices...well first off it would try to be organic and a bit spicy...Right now I would say it's the Kung Pow Soy Chicken from Kings Vegetarian in Kensington Market with a side of Brown Rice...it's my fav dish from there right now...

If you could gather all of the bloggers of the world together into one room and tell them one thing, what would it be?
I really have no idea...I can't think on that scale with only two coffees in me..

Anything else you'd like to add...
Not really...but I'll more than likely think of something witty and cool as soon as I hit the send button...

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