The Blogerati Files: Riri's Brain Dump

This week in the Blogerati Files, Riri's Brain Dump

Describe your blog in 10 words or less.
One braindump a day will keep your neuron sane.

Why did you start your blog? Blogiversary?
I had to go back and re-read my first entry in order to answer this question. The most straighforward answer is: because I was in withdrawal. I am a true computer addict and I was stuck at home with a double tendinitis. I was supposed to avoid using a computer, but writing about my misery wasn't easier on paper. Since everyone was jumping on the Blogger bandwagon, I decided to start a blog and share my experience with the online world. My blog's birthday is February 23rd, 2003.

How long have you lived in Toronto?
I have lived in Toronto for the past 6.5 years.

What's the funniest/strangest thing that has happened to you in Toronto?
For some reason I don't remember many funny or strange things that happened to me in the past years, but I do have one that I blogged about: the day when I was so confused, stressed, or whatever you want to call it because it seems to be my daily state of mind anyway, and shook up the the wrong cans, just to end looking like Carrie at the prom night. You really have to read it to get it.

What are some of the changes in Toronto that you have seen in your lifetime?
Maybe the most obvious change in Toronto's landscape: condos, condos popping everywhere. Also the SkyDome renamed Rogers Centre and the smoking ban in bars and clubs, for which I am rather thankful because I can finally enjoy going to these places.

What era, day or event in Toronto's history would you like to re-live and why?
Although I was not here to live it when it happened, I would have liked to see Terry Fox in person when he came to Toronto. He is one of the people who are an inspiration to me in the fight against cancer and it would have been a life changing experience to see him run for the cause. He was a true hero. How many of them do you get to meet in your lifetime?

Who's your favourite Torontonian?
I have a sweet spot for Kiefer Sutherland. For very self-satisfying (insert drool here) reasons, I'll have to confess.

Can we believe everything you post on your blog?
You should, unless I completely missed my point and I had no clue about it (reason is that English is not my native language and it plays tricks on me sometimes). This is my diary, why would I lie to it? It wouldn't serve its purpose anymore, which is pure 'braindumping" as its title says.

Has blogging changed you or enhanced a personality trait?
I don't believe in personal change much, but I would say maybe. I don't remember being so open before I started blogging. I think it definitely helped me become more extraverted, but also more demanding in honesty from others. It is a double sided sword because it made me less tolerant towards hipocrisy. I can't stand any form of it.

Do you have a favourite post from your blog?
I actually have an entire "Favorites" category! But the most favorite one must be "A trip down the memory lane..." because I love my husband so damn much. And if you're not into cheesy romance stories, "Six Degrees of Blogeration" should be a fun read for anyone who likes clicking around.

Have you had your 15 minutes yet?
If you define the 15 minutes in number of hits, comments or bloggies, definitely not. But if you think in terms of friendships and good moments spent in company of people met through blogging, I will say that I'm rather blessed. I was spotlighted on Rannie's (aka Photojunkie) blog, as well as on the Flickr blog, both times for my involvement in the fight against cancer. My mission is to motivate and inspire people to do the same. If you haven't heard of Picture the Cure yet, you should check it out. It is one of the reasons that I keep blogging.

Ever met a stranger who already knew you through your blog? How was that?
Not that I know of. I tend to keep a low profile, but the words "I have been reading your blog" always make me smile. Hopefully my boss won't be the next one.

Lose any friends or muck something up because of a post?
I lost 2 friends in the past year and I still beat myself up for it, although I still have no idea what I did for things to go so awfully wrong. I always tend to believe it was because I was too honest.... or just myself. It is a recurrent topic in my blog because it hurts so much, but time shall heal those wounds and happy days will return. There's nothing in what I said that I would take back anyway.

Fav bloggers?
In Toronto, I am mostly inspired by photobloggers, and I have a long list on my Links page. I don't have time to do much reading, but I've remained a loyal reader of Maria's, Rannie's and Kim's blogs. These days I would rather read "The Impulsive Buy" anyway, he always makes me laugh out loud.

What's happening in Toronto right now that the rest of us should be watching?
The Toronto Film Festival, of course! You may even get to see Kiefer. ~cough cough~

You have the opportunity to gather with 5 of your regular readers - who are they, where do you meet and what do you talk about?
That's a tricky one. My most regular readers are, I think, my 2 best friends and 3 members of my family, hubby included. I'd probably meet them somewhere in Europe and talk about the old days, when we were young and innocent. :-)

Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask random people throughout the world?
Yes. "Have you seen Elvis?" I wish I could bring him back.

If your blog were a food, what food would it be?
This has got to be my favorite question. Ice cream of course -- better served chilled, but don't eat too fast because it may give you a brain freeze!

If you could gather all of the bloggers of the world together into one room and tell them one thing, what would it be?
"Stop blogging before it is too late". Uh, no.... not really.
"Don't believe in everything you read, except in my blog".... Hmm... maybe not.
What about... "Cut the crap, get down to the core."

I think I''ll stick with "Try to make this world a better place". Seriously. (By the way, it is also said that all jokes are half true)

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