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Describe your blog in ten words or less.
Online inspiration to do more with my time on earth.

Why did you start your blog? Blogiversary?
In all honesty, I started my blog to provide an insight to some of the places I've been, the people I see day to day, and the random thoughts that occur in my head. My greatest fear is that when my life ends, I will have nothing to show for it, and no archives to look back on. Deep down, we all want to be remembered, missed, noticed, and appreciated - a blog is an archaic way of achieving that kind of attention. the blog was birthed on April 14, 2005 - although the gallery has existed for over a year now, and I bought the domain on December 7, 2002.

Has blogging changed you or enhanced a personality trait?
If anything it has driven me to do more, which is a good and bad thing. I travel a lot more, whether it's local or somewhere random in North America. The down side is that I feel every ounce of free time has to be filled with something "amazing" - if I have a day or two off from work, or god forbid a long weekend, something big has to happen. It's pushed me to play harder but I've lost a lot of solo / relaxing time of because of that.

Do you have a favourite post from your blog?
The multiple-entries of this past summer when I had the opportunity to work on a new TV show with MuchMusic across Canada (much911). As a teenager I dreamed of working / travelling, and even more so Vancouver / the Rockies, and it actually happened. I couldn't believe it - and I could write about it and show pictures and remember the little details I might forget down the road. I will definitely look back on them in the future.

Who are your fav bloggers?

WiredTom - who was a bit of a catalyst in getting me to jot down my own memories / feats in my life on the web. He's a pretty successful guy living in Seattle (born in Canada, though), and we're around the same age, so it's hard not to compare lives once in a while.

DoubleCrossed - for her ridiculously amazing photographs - definitely check out her stuff if you have some time!

Urban Principessa - for her daily rants and unique insight.

Best blogger hangout in TO?
Future's at the corner of Brunswick and Bloor. Good music, pretty good food, wicked desserts and a great patio. It's an easy choice but it's the familiar places that you hold close to heart.

Ever met a stranger who already knew you through your blog? How was that?
I haven't met a stranger yet who already knew me - but I have had acquaintances talk to me about moments in my life which I don't recall ever mentioning to them. It brings old friends out of the woodwork sometimes.

Lose any friends or muck something up because of a post?
I haven't lost any friends, no. I don't want to say "yet" as I don't see how a post or picture could ruin a friendship; most of my circle is mature enough to jump over the hurdles we go through. I've mucked things up, of course - nothing too serious, yet.

What's happening in Toronto right now that the rest of us should be watching?
We should be watching the amount of new buildings that are going up - it's both incredible and frightening at the same time. Who is moving into these condos? - and is Toronto on the road to becoming a veritable ghost town in the future when the interest rates eventually rise once again and no one can afford to live in a 540 sq. ft. one bedroom condo, at $190,000 with 11.5% interest? Do I sound like I'm a little worried? I AM!

Choose someone, living or dead, to write your biography. Why did you make that choice?
My Mom. She has witnessed the moments in my life which I have already forgotten (or never knew about in the first place), and I'm sure she's only revealed to me a small part of what she remembers from the first few years of my life. Would be interesting to get her insight.

You wake up and discover you're a flesh-eating zombie. Now that you're undead, who are you gonna mange first?
Life is too short to hold vendettas, so I suppose I would mange the most desirable, 'fleshier' people first. Watch out, fleshy people - I'm talking about you.

If your blog were a food, what food would it be?
Milk Chocolate. The cheap, broken kind you can get at bulk food stores in a giant tub.

If you could gather all of the bloggers of the world together into one room and tell them one thing, what would it be?
YOLO - you only live once. It's clichĂŠ, it's simple, but it's true.

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