The Blogerati Files: I Guess We'll Just Have to Adjust

This week in the Blogerati Files - "I Guess We'll Just Have to Adjust"

Describe your blog in 10 words or less.
My blog is to Charlie Bucket what is to Agustus Gloop: poor and skinny but pure of heart. How many words is that?

Why did you start your blog? Blogiversary?
I started my blog because I thought it would a good alternative to spamming my friends with all the crap I read about and find interesting. Now I'm not talking about chain-letter, cute puppy picture, inspirational quotes bullshit spam. I'm talking about the stuff that's actually worth reading. In my opinion. Which doesn't mean much. Also, don't tell anyone but I like the attention.

My blog was born on June 5th of this year. That makes it a Gemini which, according to makes it: "Adaptable and versatile. Communicative and witty. Intellectual and eloquent. Youthful and lively." Yeah I'd say that's pretty accurate.

Has blogging changed you or enhanced a personality trait?
Because of my blog I am more inclined to randomly spew out bits of pop culture trivia. Like "did you know there's a sport called chessboxing where players alternate between boxing for four minutes and playing chess for two minutes in the ring?" or "Did you know that there's a website that sells bandages that look like bacon strips?". Also now I'm a way bigger nerd than I was before.

Do you have a favourite post from your blog?
Actually it's one of my first posts called Winchester Crazy Lady about the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It's a long and ambitious post from a time when I was wide-eyed and innocent, ready to blog the world.

Who are your fav blogger(s)?
I love Trent from Pink Is The New Blog, a fabulously awesome guy from Detroit who writes about celebrity gossip. Sounds god-awful, but trust me, it's hilarious. But don't read his blog cause then you'll never read mine again. MasaManiA is a blog about real life in Japan, or, in Masamania's own words, it's a "Japanese culture report by MasaManiA with fucking photo & poor English you never seen at boring CNN, Time or major sophisticated jurnalism."

Ever met a stranger who already knew you through your blog? How was that?
Once a friend introduced me to a friend of his and she said "hey, you're the one with the blog" and I said "yes, I am". That was cool.

Lose any friends or muck something up because of a post?
Nope. Most of my content is clear of any personal references other than the odd happy birthday post.

What's happening in Toronto right now that the rest of us should be watching? (can be non-blogging related)
Keep your eyes open for a Cuddle Party coming to your area some time soon.

Choose someone, living or dead, to write your biography. Why did you make that choice?
Write my biography? Why would anyone want to read that? Well if anyone actually did want to read that, I'd have to enlist the help of Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner of Freakonomics fame. Then maybe they could explain why I am the way I am.

If your blog were a food, what food would it be?
A burrito.

If you could gather all of the bloggers of the world together into one room and tell them one thing, what would it be?
"I can't believe you all actually gathered here. Don't you have anything better to do? Go blog something." That's probably what I'd say.

Anything else you'd like to add...
Jellyfish Fridays will change your life.

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