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The Fifth to open a cafe and pub in 2013

The Easy & the Fifth "complex" is almost like a gated community on Richmond St. It's currently comprised of 3 distinct properties within one converted warehouse: the cozy, Hamptonian Fifth Social Club (already in its 14th year) on the main floor, the distinguished woodsman vibe of Cabin Five next door, and the elegant steakhouse Fifth Grill five floors above (on the heated rooftop and accessible via private elevator, no less). In short, one address has pretty much everything you need for a Saturday evening.

What about the rest of the week? You might have spotted signs alluding to an expansion on the way, and fans of The Fifth's ambiance will be happy to hear that, as of Spring 2013, they'll be taking over the basement of their building--a space that formerly held Fluid, but has been vacant for some time--and turning it into two new areas: the Fifth Pub House and the Fifth Cafe.

The former is being envisioned as having a casual, living-room-style dining atmosphere (read: no sweat pants), which will impart a (presumably far) more relaxed version of the Fifth Grill's menu and translate it for lunch, dinner and late-night, with stop-ins for drinks and weekday baseball game-watchers more than welcome. There'll be no reservations or dress code, and there are already plans for weekend brunches.

The latter is a fully-licensed cafe--exciting for a stretch of Richmond surprisingly devoid of alternatives to Timmy's or Starbucks. Tentative hours are being estimated as 7am-7pm, with coffee, baked goods, free wifi, and midday tipples on offer. This, too, will borrow from The Fifth's kitchen, meaning that everything will be baked in-house, and while they haven't yet settled on a coffee purveyor, they are looking at making their own blends.

Now, the only question is: how long until there's a Fifth hotel?

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