New Toronto izakaya will offer chauffeur service

A new izakaya slated to open later this year near Bay and Dundas will have more than just takoyaki on its menu. Customers who have imbibed in too much beer or sake will be offered a drive home. According to Hiromi, a spokesperson for the currently under construction DonDon Izakaya, chauffeur service from izakayas is a common feature in Japan but so far not something that has been offered at the various Guus or other izakayas around town.

Hiromi wouldn't say what the cost of the chauffeur service would be, how many drivers they might have available on a typical night or if there would be a limit to the geographic area in the city the chauffeur would travel but any excuse to indulge in more over-sized mugs of Sapporo seems like a good one to me.

Update: Hiromi has confirmed that the service is "for people who have driven their cars to the restaurant; instead of having to leave your car overnight, someone from the restaurant
will drive your car and you home."

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New Toronto izakaya will offer chauffeur service