Chromazz was booed and got things thrown at her during Rolling Loud in Toronto

While people still seem pretty divided about whether Rolling Loud Toronto was a huge success or a bit of a hot mess this past weekend, there was one set from the music festival that was met with almost unanimously bad reviews.

Local artist Chromazz, known for being BFFs with a woman whose main claim to fame is throwing a chair off a highrise balcony, was slotted in on the third and final day of the event on Sunday, to the celebration of some, the chagrin of others and the apparent surprise of most.

Given her lack of experience with live performances — especially in front of such a large crowd — people at Ontario Place didn't know what to expect, but it seemed that whatever they got was somehow worse than anticipated.

Videos circulating on Twitter and Instagram show the crowd loudly booing and giving a thumbs down to the 23-year-old during her performance, at times even throwing items at her (some online reported seeing alcohol cans, water bottles and toilet paper among the debris landing on the stage).

Their ire could potentially come from the fact that, for starters, the rapper's set began an entire three hours late, finally getting going around 8 p.m.

(It was not just the unexpected tardiness that bothered people, but when she ended up playing in reference to other, bigger acts, with later in the evening being a more valuable spot.)

The tension also may have also been spurred in part by the fact that Chromazz is known for being particularly shameless and cocky on social media, openly inciting the haters and calling herself "Toronto's First Lady."

There is also speculation that it was a certain part of her performance that kicked off the negative feedback — a portion where she decided to take a break from putting on a big show and took a seat on a chair to let a random man suck on her bare toes.

As seen in clips, the cringworthy encounter was shared on the big screens for all at the outdoor venue to see in high-def.

Many online had wondered how the artist even managed to get on the bill after its initial release, with a few suggesting that she may share management with other performers or that the event needed "local artists/filler that will do a set for under $1,000."

While some appeared to feel bad for how she ended up being treated by concertgoers, others apparently dislike her enough to say it was one of their favourite parts of the weekend. A few had far worse things to say about her music career after her appearance.

Despite the hate, Chromazz seems to be taking the incident in stride, posting on her IG story last night that she would "rather be booed than have a dead audience" and sharing some of the more positive reviews fans posted of her set.

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