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Drake the type of guy memes are back and funnier than ever

For all of his success in the hip hop biz, Drake isn't exactly known for his street cred. Instead, Canada's most successful musical export (of this generation) is perhaps better known for his softer side.

Drizzy may be rap royalty, but his famously soft demeanor puts him at the opposite end of the scary scale from notoriously intimidating mogul Suge Knight, and has fostered the rise of a meme that just won't go away even more than a decade after first surfacing.

The "Drake the type of guy" meme pokes fun at the 6ix god's softer side, social media users coming up with creative scenarios and applying what they imagine the Honestly, Nevermind rapper would say and do in such situations.

The meme has been around since at least 2011, and well over a decade after it first appeared, the joke came back in a big way this week.

A Twitter thread full of Drake memes has gone viral, its lead post garnering 144K likes and over 10K retweets as of Tuesday morning.

Others have hopped on board to joke about Drake's image as a wholesome, affable, and slightly goofy personality, qualities that have the multi-platinum artist represented as something of a cartoon fans.

People are talking about the man like he's a Loony Tunes character, examples including "Drake the type of guy to grow a cone on his head after getting hit" and "Drake the type of guy to run through a wall and leave a drake shaped hole."

His well-documented sensitive and corny sides (as seen when exclaiming "Geez Louise!" during a basketball game) get a good roasting, and one could easily picture Drizzy in surprise tickle monster mode.

... or reassuring his friends when they're startled by a spider with that classic dad energy.

One variation of the meme may offer some insight into what Drake may have said in his famous CN Tower perched pose for the Views (2016) album cover.

His recent appearance on stage at a Backstreet Boys concert even got a memefied shoutout.

If the memes are to be believed, Drake has been the type of guy to do all sorts of hilariously wholesome things for 11 years now, and here's hoping the meme lives on for another decade.

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