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Fake Drake congratulated real Drake on his new album with a cringey FaceTime call

While the majority of people seem to be hating on Drake's newly-released studio record Honestly, Nevermind, there is one person who is definitely a fan, and is happy to make it well-known: a Toronto man who has come to be known as "fake Drake."

The local D-list celeb, whose claim to fame is bearing a minor resemblance to the rapper, not only now somehow makes thousands of dollars performing as the T.O. star, but has actually formed a relationship with him.

He showed this off in a recent social media post in which he calls Drizzy up to personally congratulate him on the release.

"Imma call the boy right now and imma congratulate him for dropping that album because man, that shit was hard," the doppelganger, who goes by Izzy Drake, says to the camera before indeed making a FaceTime call to the 6ix God himself.

"Hey yo bro, it's Izzy," he says when Drake picks up, saying "What's up?"

"Yo that album was hard bro, congratulations on the drop. It's an OVO ting," the fan continues in what is an all-around undeniably cringeworthy exchange.

"Much love," the real Drake replies.

Izzy then asks "are we still dropping?" to which the artist replies "yes sir."

"Alright bro, it's big OVO tings, you already know," Izzy says, with Drake then mumbling an "uh-huh" and abruptly ending the awkward exchange by hanging up — something that viewers of the clip have been quick to point out.

"Yo why drake hang up so fast LMFAO" one person asked in a tweet that has racked up more than 12,000 likes from others who clearly have the same question.

"He is probably wondering how he got his number," another user quite aptly suggests.

After the quick call, Izzy — who still sports Drake's old haircut with the characteristic heart shaved into the hairline — faces the camera again and says "Yo, so you see that shit? Nobody believed. God did. Drake did."

While the footage of the very corny and forced exchange has garnered some 56,000 views on Fake Drake's own Instagram page, it has caught millions of eyes on Twitter, where most people seem to be making fun of the imposter more than anything else.

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