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Hundreds of people showed up for a huge rave at Christie Pits park in Toronto

There was a huge free rave in Christie Pits in Toronto this past Saturday, and a ton of people showed up to party outdoors.

The event was organized by Toronto Hardcore, a local events and culture group showcasing club, techno, hardstyle and hard dance music.

On May 16 the group posted on social media saying "RAVERS! It's getting hot out so you know we have plans for you!" and to stay tuned for their first free rave of the year.

Called "All These Lights," about a week ago it was teased that the event would take place on May 28 in honour of local house music artist TyriqueOrDie's birthday.

It was also announced that Dom Dias, Crushenhaus and Angelphroot would be playing, plus special guests.

They released special rules prior to the rave taking place, telling people to pick up after themselves using trash bins in the park, that predatory and exclusionary behaviour wouldn't be tolerated, to "leave the drama at home" and to stay home if not feeling well.

The event started around 9 p.m. and was supposed to last until after midnight with the last set starting at 12 a.m., but Toronto Hardcore posted an update to their Instagram story saying "we're calling it a night because the cops are legit being sick in the head and gave us a ticket."

Someone did get the chance to light fireworks while the music was playing before it all got shut down, though.

The same post goes on to say, "next rave we just gonna start at our backup location" and "Christie Pits first hardcore rave was a f---ing sheller."

They also posted an email for e-transfer in their story for those wishing to help pay the ticket. Angelphroot also directed people to her PayPal to help pay the ticket in the caption of one of her TikToks.

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