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Drake announces OVO Fest will return to Toronto this year

With the announcement of Rolling Loud making its way to Toronto later this year, fans of hip-hop were left wondering if Drake would make an appearance or if his own OVO Fest would be making a comeback.

Fans can now stop worrying if the hip-hop festival is coming back because Drake just announced that OVO Fest would officially be returning for 2022.

British rapper Dave was in town for a concert last night at History, with some fans speculating if Drake would make a surprise visit at his own venue.

For the lucky fans that were there, they were in for a treat because not only did Drake come out on stage to perform his song "Knife Talk," but he also announced that OVO Fest would be returning to the city.

In a clip posted online, Drake can be seen telling the crowd the good news before leaving the stage.

"They let the city back open so I will see you at OVO Fest soon," says the rapper.

This announcement had the crowd erupt in excitement.

With fans eagerly writing that they will be there this year.

Although the announcement was just made last night, fans are already eagerly asking for dates for the festival.

One fan even said how they will be going to both Rolling Loud and OVO Fest.

Fans from outside of Toronto have even said that they'll need to get their passport ready to fly to the festival.

All we know so far is that the music festival is making its return back to the city, for the first time since 2019. There is no additional information about the event or the lineup but an announcement is expected soon.

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Drake announces OVO Fest will return to Toronto this year