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Shawn Mendes spotted filming at famous park in downtown Toronto

Shawn Mendes has been spotted filming something at a park in downtown Toronto, and it's got fans speculating that it's the music video for his new song It'll Be Okay.

Footage taken by fans appears to show the heartthrob pop star moodily wandering around Berczy Park and the streets of Toronto while being sprayed with fake snow.

In one fan video, it's clear the park is Berczy when you catch a glimpse of a recognizable mural nearby .

Mendes appears to be dressed in a white shirt with dark shoes and a dark suit with a long, dark coat overtop for the video's wardrobe.

Local businesses including Pravda Vodka Bar on Wellington can be seen in the background of the fan footage.

While some footage was clearly shot duing the day, it appears filming mostly took place at night.

Mendes released It'll Be Okay as a single on Dec. 1, 2021.

The lyrics of the ballad appear to reflect on what at the time was the Ontario-born singer's very recent breakup with girlfriend Camila Cabello

It seems likely the filming is for a music video for the single, as you can faintly hear the song playing in the background of some footage.

"I'M NOT READYYY," someone commented on one video clip. "So excited can't wait to see it," another person commented.

One person simply replied to one video with the word "SCREAMING."

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Shawn Mendes spotted filming at famous park in downtown Toronto

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