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People overjoyed after Toronto's famous dog fountain finally turned on again

The famous dog fountain in Toronto has been turned on again and people are even more overjoyed than they are when they unravel the mysteries of the park's hidden easter eggs.

The sound of flowing water can once again be heard at Berczy Park for the first time in two years.

The fountain decorated with sculptures of dogs was turned off for the winter in 2019, and wasn't turned back on until last week.

People on Twitter called the once again functional fountain "a small miracle" and "alive."

It appears the happy-looking doggie-themed fountain is uplifting to a lot of people, moreso with water gloriously streaming from it as it should be.

One person tweeted about how lovely it was to see the fountain on again after feeling fatigued from their second vaccine dose but nevertheless having just tackled a 22km run.

Another person on Reddit mentioned how seeing the fountain running again put a smile on their face after a rough week with a sick grandpa.

Other people on Reddit commented on how they like eating lunch at the park, taking walks with kids there, hanging there after hitting patios or simply strolling by it on their way to work.

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