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Fans reacting after Drake got completely outshined by Kanye at benefit concert

After years of feuding and one of the most talked-about beef-squashings in hip-hop history, frenemies Drake and Ye (the artist formerly known as Kanye West) joined forces for a much-anticipated benefit concert in Los Angeles on Thursday night.

While some fans are raving about the "Free Larry Hoover" concert — one outlet even saying it was Ye's best performance in years — many who paid steep prices or tuned in on Amazon Prime to see Drizzy are voicing disappointment over the show's second act.

Ye clearly outshining the Toronto star with a more fan-friendly setlist.

While Ye fed fans' nostalgia with many of his classic hits, Drake played mostly newer tracks, leaving some concertgoers feeling cheated.

One particularly painful comparison reminds us all of the tragic LeBronto days of the pre-championship Raptors.

As the name of the concert suggests, Ye and Drake were trying to raise awareness about incarcerated gang leader Larry Hoover, but some are suggesting Drake's set didn't do the amnesty campaign much good.

One concertgoer was so disappointed, he actually walked out on the show, saying on video, "There's no f***ing way that just happened, bro. And Kanye is rubbing it in now, playing more classics."

His disbelief is apparent, saying, "There's no way. This has to be a troll - an elaborate thing - this isn't real. I don't believe this. I'm literally leaving."

The show's highlight for Toronto fans just may have been Drake's sweatshirt, bearing a message about Larry Hoover phrased in the most Toronto way possible.

Though many fans are complaining, there seem to be just as many who are pleased with the pair's sprawling 37-track setlist, which included chart-toppers like Ye's "Gold Digger," and "Stronger," as well as a few Drake hits including "God's Plan."

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