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Drake is getting absolutely dragged for his new diamond-encrusted emoji chain

Regardless of whether they're musicians, actors or pro sports players, celebrities tend to have at least one thing in common: the proclivity to spend their millions on the most random, unnecessary things that no normal person could even dream of owning.

Take, for example, the latest addition to the jewelry collection of Toronto's very own Drake, who has taken his love for emojis to a new, obscenely flashy level with a new chain.

And, assuming said emojis were hand-selected by the man himself, people appear to have some questions (/judgments).

The piece, as touted on Drizzy's Instagram story, was undoubtedly pricey (like, hundreds of thousands of dollars pricey), and definitely has a lot going on.

There's the pregnant woman emoji, an obvious nod to the confusing cover of his latest studio release, Certified Lover Boy

There are also some others that make sense, like the piano keys (for a performer), an owl (a reference to the rapper's clothing brand and record label, OVO), and a money bag (for someone who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, sure).

Then there's an eight ball (Drake's Narcos-themed birthday bash and party favours earlier this month can speak to that), a diamond, a star eyes smiley, a cap (/no cap) and both a broken and wounded heart for the emo king.

The remainders of the intricate 23-part necklace are kind of a mish-mash of, ostensibly, things Aubrey identifies with or wants to associate with his personal brand: a pill (which is actually a 500 mg amoxicillin capsule, but don't tell that to the people who use it to reference other things), a mischevious devil and a skull.

There is also a random sun, a tongue, a brain, a blood drop (?), a flower, a teddybear, eyeballs, and the "OK" emoji, for whatever reason (perhaps in part because the word is repeated numerous times in his songs such as What's Next and Way 2 Sexy, but who knows?).

Oh, and let's not forget the inclusion of the water droplet and eggplant emojis, and the sexual innuendos that they entail.

The latter in particular has people absolutely howling online, with some calling it "nasty" and others wondering how he will "explain the purple eggplant on his neck everytime out with the guys."

There are also a slew of responses calling the piece in general corny, ugly, goofy, cringeworthy, and bringing up Drizzy's age

"This is what you would buy if you were a rich 11 year old," one person aptly stated.

"A grown ass man. A father even, engaging in this buffonery," another added.

"He's smart cause nobody's gonna wanna snatch this bullshit," yet another chimed in.

One user pointed out that it seems more like something Cher would wear, while yet another compared it to the accessory selection at Claire's.

This is all alongside jokes that someone needs to control the star's finances before he makes any similarly ridiculous expenditures, and tons of remarks about the necklace being "the Drakest thing" people have ever seen.

However the final hideous design came about — possibly with the help of a quick scroll through the 35-year-old's frequently used icons — it looked like an extremely lengthy and painstaking process at the hands of custom brand NYC Luxury, who said in an Instagram post yesterday that the making of the item wasn't easy, "but we think we killed it."

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