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One Thing I Know

No Frills at Dufferin Mall is now the star of a new music video

A new music video from a Toronto band has an unlikely star: the No Frills at Dufferin Mall.

Grocery store shelves highlighted by the signature No Frills bright yellow provide the backdrop for a new music video from Arkells for the song "One Thing I Know."

The video for the upbeat track shows the members of the band doing something we've all wished we could do for a while now: prancing around a supermarket without masks on (the video was shot outside of open hours).

It's not the first time No Frills has cropped up in pop culture, and it's not the first time the chain has become a part of the music world. In addition to getting attention with unusual marketing campaigns like merch, video games and beer, No Frills even has their own album.

While No Frills has a special, quirky little place in the hearts of Canadians, the No Frills at Dufferin Mall is even more strangely sentimental to people in Toronto specifically.

A "Dirty Duff" parody account dedicated to the mall even shouted out the video.

In their own Instagram post on the band's official account, lead singer Max Kerman revealed that he had a personal connection to the store and went shopping there with his mom on Saturdays throughout his childhood.

The video was directed by friend of the band Mark Myers, and it was shot just with him and the band in the space.

"It's the grocery store my family went to when I was growing up. I have so many memories of going to Dufferin Mall. The current No Frills is actually really fancy compared to what it looked like in the 90s. Andrew and Shelley, the owners, have done a really nice job with it," Kerman tells blogTO.

"We reached out to the store a few weeks ago, and they allowed us to shoot on a Sunday night after they closed for the night. We wanted a colourful location with a lot of busy space to roam."

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