Drake beatles tattoo

Drake's new tattoo is making some people really mad

Drake is officially bigger than the Beatles — a fact that he'd like everyone who sees him in a short-sleeved shirt to be reminded of, every day, for the rest of his life.

Champagne Papi casually showed off what appears to be a new tattoo on Instagram Monday, sending a torrent of rotated screenshots reverberating across the web.

The tat in question? A modified version of the iconic 'walking across Abbey Road' image from The Beatles' eleventh studio album.

All four members of the beloved British band are featured in the tattoo, as well as Drake himself. The Canadian artist can be seen in the piece walking ahead of John, Paul, Ringo and George, but turning back to give the boys a wave.

It's cute, and it does fit in well with the rest of Drake's random celebrity tats, but it's also proving quite controversial.

You see, what might have, at one time, been seen as a touching tribute is being taken by Beatles fans as a sign of disrespect in light of how many records Drizzy has broken of the band's in recent years.

Last July, with the release of Scorpion, Drake set a new record for the most simultaneous top 10 songs in history with seven of the top 10 spots on the Billboard 100 charts. The record had been held by the Beatles since 1964, previous to this.

The Toronto-born rapper broke another major record earlier this summer, in June, for the second-most top 10 hits in history. The Beatles had 35. Drake now has 35, which means he only has to crank out three more hits before stealing the top spot from Madonna.

He's clearly proud of it, too, rapping on Meek Mill's January hit "Goin' Bad" that he's "got more slaps than The Beatles."

Older people, British people and other fans of The Beatles are speaking out en masse to let the rest of Twitter know how they feel about Drake's latest ink.

"Let's see if people are still talking about Drake 50 years from now. I suspect not," pointed out one hater.

"Yeah, as some one who lived through Beatlemania, let me tell you, society was much less fractured back then," said another. "Social media is one thing, but everyone is in a bubble of their likes. The Beatles had much more exposure. You could spend all day on social media and never hear Drake's name."

Drake has yet to comment on the digital brou-ha-ha, but it's important to note that he's got many tattoos — some of them far less serious than others.

If the man can get tats of Rihanna eating ice cream, a bottle of his own cologne, a flaming skull, two different sets of prayer hands and a freaking jack-o-lantern, what's an Abbey Road image with himself thrown into the mix?

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