canadian music week 2009

Canadian Music Week 2009 in Photos

Canadian Music Week 2009 wrapped up after 5 days of heavily packed concerts at most of the music venues around downtown Toronto.

To be honest, this year I didn't feel like running around like a mad man from venue to venue trying to see everything while missing half of it. Instead, I picked certain few showcases I was interested in and stuck with them all night.

Here's a closer look at my CMW 2009 experience, through my camera.

There were a few highlights for me this year:
Day 01
The Eye Weekly showcase was great overall. Seeing some of the best local bands on one night is always good! I've already seen Foxfire and Lioness quite a few times, but it's always nice to see them again.
Day 02
I've been hearing a lot about Keys and Krates live shows, and finally got the chance to see them. They perform with such high energy and passion that the audience just can't help to join in. They're great!
Day 02-03
I ended up seeing The Wong Boys from Denmark twice, and both times found them very entertaining and refreshing. Their Euro Trash antics just made me laugh and jump around, wishing I was at some small house party with them.
Day 03
I was really looking forward to seeing Kid Street - one of my favourite up-and-coming bands from Waterloo. They definitely matched my expectations with a great performance at Supermarket, and trust me - you'll be hearing a lot about this guys in the next year.
Day 04
I Really enjoyed Automelodi from Montreal. They had a classic French electro-pop sound/style, but still managing to add their personal touch to their beats and guitar riffs.

Day 01 - Wednesday March 11th
Eye Weekly Showcase at The Gladstone Hotel

Bands in order of appearance:
The Job
Everything All the Time

Day 02- Thursday March 12th

Bands in order of appearance:
The Framework
Keys N Krates
The Wong Boys
Team Canada DJs

Day 03 - Friday March 13th
YYZ Records & Tremendous Records Showcase at Supermarket

Bands in order of appearance:
We Are Standard
The Wong Boys
Mickey Zhang

Day 04 - Saturday March 14th
Pop Montreal Showcase withMore Proof DJs at The Drake Hotel

Bands in order of appearance:
Dog Day

Photography by Carlos Weisz / KineticForm

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