Anubis Performs This Saturday at Downsview Park

Cars, Women, and Emcees at Downsview Park

The link between hot models and car shows is undeniable (as most posts on Jalopnik would tell you), so it's no surprise that the Hottest & Sexiest Media Network is hosting this year's Castrol Driftmania National Championship at Downsview Park this weekend.

What is more relevant to me, however, is the fact that in addition to the "fast cars and sexy women" advertised on the site, the event will be featuring thirty of Toronto's hottest emcees and independent hip-hop artists as part of their talent showcase and lifestyle expo.

Performances run from 11am to 8pm on Saturday at Downsview Park and include appearances by independant emcees and producers such as Bonz, Bonnie-V, Fin-S, Permashine, Sy-Fi and Anubis.

I had the chance to hang out with Toronto artist Anubis the Necro Nubian last weekend, and while I was at it, I decided to ask him a few questions about the event this weekend:

What can we expect from the emcee showcase at the Drift Mania Canadian Championship, and from the event as a whole?
Raw Talent! This showcase has been put together to promote the potential of some of the GTA's most explosive underground artists. The event itself is a lifestyle expo organised to introduce the toronto indie rap scene, drift competitions, model search and much more to a wider audience.

How are the performers—like yourself—at this event different from the rap artists we are used to hearing on the radio?
The thing with mainstream radio is it only caters to a certain audience and a certain type of rap. The artists on the bill for this event have much more variety. We come from all four corners of the rap world, I for instance am a fan of artists such as A Tribe Called Quest and Common, so that is the positive influence on my music and I try to manifest that to the best of my ability. Granted, some of these artists to have songs playing on underground radio, if you were to tune into 89.5's Project Bounce or 88.1's Statik Show you are bound to hear a track from one of the artists playing on the 18th.

What are some good places to check out for people looking to hear more of Toronto's talented indie emcees?
Most of the artists plug themselves so in order to stay connected you have to reach out to the artists themselves. A couple good venues to check out would be SUBA Lounge every thursday night around 11:30 and VIDA lounge on Fridays, all hosted by The 5th. Of course there is always something going on at The el Mocambo, Drake Hotel, The Reverb, etc. Just keep your ear to the streets and look out for flyers that come your way. The city never sleeps.

The emcee showcase takes place on Saturday, August 18, 2007 at Downsview Park. For more information about the Driftmania National Championship and the Lifestyle and Talent Expo, visit Hottest&

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