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There's an awful lot of choice available for Torontonians when it comes to how they can spend their weekends. The massive amount of indie talent in our fair city certainly doesn't make it any easier to decide what shows to spend our hard earned dollars on. In Theirspace, I'm going to flat out tell you where you should be seen, as well as include all the necessary sites you need to visit to be throughly prepared of what to expect for the artists' live shows. Because every band in the world has a Myspace page, there'll also be a few words on each tune that the band chooses to showcase as the best they have on the net. Finally, it's always a good idea to let you know of the good stuff happening before it happens; it isn't fun to hear about how awesome a show was that you missed.

We kick things off this week with electro rockers, These Electric Lives, who are playing at The Horseshoe tomorrow night, December 15th.

Yes, you are allowed to dance at a rock concert. The band just has to give you a melody that pushes you over the edge holding you back. You know, the edge that says that "dancing instead of pogo-hopping looks funny at a rock show". These Electric Lives (TEL) have been catapulting people over the edge since they released their first EP, Learn by Doing, in 2005. TEL, comprised of 3 guys who met in school in 2004, have a mutual love of Metric, Postal Service, and Bloc Party, and while you won't ever mistake them for one of those acts, their sensibilities have definitely made an impression on the music TEL have been playing.

But what about the music? When I take the time to go out to a club to hear a band live, I'm not there just to hear the music; I can do that at home. No, I'm there because I want to move, in some way shape or form. Keep Love Safe, which is available as a download on TEL's Myspace page has them swaying slowly side to side, with my eyes closed head up in the sky. Easily one of the prettiest songs I've heard all year. Hit the Ground Running opens with a commanding bass line and some very dance friendly percussion, while managing keeping the synth work to a minimum and the guitars front and center. We Should Believe gives us that classic indie rock sound, with generous use of some prettified guitars through the use of plenty of reverb. Vocals are commanding you to "trust" TEL on this one. It's hard not to. The last track available for you to peruse is Wake Me Up, where I can't help but think TEL managed to get Chris Murphy of Sloan to do guest vocals.

These Electric Lives sound like they are going to have a really fun set tomorrow, and with the tunes they've been crafting since August of 2004, the audience will have a hard time not breaking out in dance to these rockers that throw a pinch of electro into the mix for good measure. Tomorrow's show is not only cheap at 5$ with a canned good donation, but it'll also be awesome, mark my words.

- Myspace Page, with 4 songs, one downloadable
- Band's Homepage
- YouTube video of TEL at POP Montreal, with crazy lady dancing onstage

These Electric lives, with the Rural Alberta Advantage, Andyland, Jetplanes of Abraham
The Horseshoe Tavern, 368 Queen Street West
Front Bar: 416-598-4226
Concert Hotline: 416-598-4753
Cost : $5 w/ Canned Good

Know any local acts with shows in the coming months that you think are worth my time? Email me at ryan[at]blogto[dot]com, and maybe I'll think they're double-awesome enough to be featured on Theirspace!

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