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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold spotted biking around Toronto

Celebrity sightings have become a regular occurrence in Toronto this summer as stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Adam Sandler appear around the city to the delight of selfie-snapping fans.

The aforementioned Terminator franchise star and former California Governor made local headlines in May when the he was spotted cycling in downtown Toronto while working on the Netflix series Utap, also known as FUBAR.

It looks like Arnold has returned to Toronto, where the powerlifting politician reunited with a second famous Arnold.

"Reunited with my old partner," reads a tweet from Schwarzenegger with a photo showing the actor on Spadina Avenue — clutching his trademark cigar in his teeth — standing alongside comedic actor Tom Arnold, both Arnolds with bikes in tow. A Spadina streetcar photobombs the scene.

Two Arnolds sounds like a pretty entertaining reality show premise highlighting the physical differences between the famously buff action star and the bumbling milquetoast comedic talent.

Of the two Arnolds, Tom admits he is not the more athletic of the pair, sharing the same photo with the caption "Keeping up with this guy is not easy."

Tom Arnold also worked a decent joke about Toronto's super-clean streets into the Twitter conversation.

It may seem like a random pairing, but the two actually shared the screen in James Cameron's 1994 spy action comedy flick, True Lies, fuelling speculation that a sequel may be in the cards almost three decades after the original film's release.

A movie reporting site claimed in early 2021 that a sequel to the hit movie was in early development, but the fact that both are wearing FUBAR shirts could also indicate Tom Arnold's involvement in the spy series.

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