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The Man From Toronto rockets to Netflix's number one spot for most popular movies

The most popular movie on streaming service Netflix is now The Man From Toronto, the direct-to-streaming action-comedy launching to the top of rankings in its debut week on the platform.

Despite a dismal 29 per cent critic score and 44 per cent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, audiences are eating up the flick, which stars pint-sized comedian Kevin Hart as Teddy and famously bloodshot-eyed Woody Harrelson as the titular "Man From Toronto."

The hard-double-T "Toronto" enunciation dropped a total of 29 of times during the action-comedy has already drawn the ire of local movie-streamers, even resulting in an apology from the film's stars for their crime against Toronto culture.

But despite this immersion-breaking and frequent slip-up going over like a lead balloon with local audiences, the movie has shot up to the top of the charts as global audiences happily consume the poorly-rated and lazily researched movie.

It stands as the most-watched movie overall on Netflix as of June 27, ranking #1 in 89 different countries, including Canada. And even with a mediocre IMDB score of 5.7/10, some people seem to love the flick.

"Some" is the operative word, as many more people are raining down hate on the movie.

Whether it's the plot, the acting, or even the shaky camera movement, there are endless comments on social media that have this writer wondering what all the hype is about.

One viewer hints that the key to enjoying this one is not overthinking it, or in their own words: "If you turn off your brain it's ridiculous fun."

The 2012 historical drama Argo actually took the time to explain how the city's name is properly pronounced, but definitely botched other facts and angered Canadians in the process.

Argo was nominated for seven Oscars, a set of accolades The Man From Toronto is unlikely to match.

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