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Ryan Reynolds tells Americans to stop threatening to move to Canada

It seems every time there's a U.S. election or some other cataclysmic event that makes our neighbours to the south question their patriotism, terms like "how to move to Canada" climb the internet search rankings as Americans flirt with the idea of a new life north of the border.

But one Canadian celebrity is sick and tired of it all, taking his grievance to the American public on a late-night television appearance last week.

Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Canadian film icon Ryan Reynolds had a whole lot to complain about during a segment called "You Have to Stop." 

The bit had Reynolds and Fallon speaking directly to the camera on some of the many annoying, everyday things that people need to cut it out with.

After touching on things we can all relate to hating, like people saying "that looks good" after every movie trailer, the continued existence of Daylight Saving Time, and scrolling for too long to find a movie or TV show to watch, Reynolds closes out the segment by revealing his hatred of the "move to Canada" types that emerge every few years.

"You have to stop saying that you're going to move to Canada whenever you're mad at something in the U.S.," said Reynolds.

"As a Canadian, I'm sorry, but we can't," the film veteran says, exaggerating his Canadian pronunciation to the delight of the New York audience, before continuing, "I know we're friendly, but Canada's not your safehouse."

"I mean, we barely let Canadians into Canada anymore, so please, pick somewhere else." 

At least he offers viewers another cold-weather, progressive alternative, saying "I hear Finland is really lovely this time of year."

Closing out the segment, Reynolds begs a nation of almost 330 million with his trademark sarcastic charm: "You have to stop."

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