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Toronto actor Simu Liu surprised a widowed dad and kids with a PS5 for the holidays

Kim's Convenience star Simu Liu spent some time this holidays working with a Toronto charity to spread some joy, particularly for one family, who'd recently lost their mom to cancer. 

The 31-year-old actor recently uploaded a video of his visit to the home of Toronto resident Stanley Chang and his kids Jolène, seven, and Dylan, five. 

Chang has been raising his two children alone since his wife Joanna Duong Chang died of cancer last summer at 38 years old. 

To honour his late wife, Chang started the Joanna Duong Chang Memorial Foundation, which is aiming to raise $100K by the end of 2021 to help establish a scholarship fund for girls and women at the University of Waterloo. 

Marvel's first-ever Chinese superhero decided to partner with the non-profit Canadian Chinese Youth Athletic Association to surprise the family with a new PS5 and a $1,000 donation to the foundation. 

"I think about how hard it must be to be going through that, but also, of all times and of all places, to be going through it in the middle of COVID and lockdown and whatnot," said Liu on his way to meet the family. 

In the heartwarming video, Liu greeted the family at their door with the PS5 in a gift-wrapped box. 

"I was really touched by the whole story and I just wanted to spread some holiday cheer, not just for you but for Jolène and for Dylan," said Liu to the family.

"And just to say thank you for stuff that you do for us, stuff that you do for the whole community, and also on top of everything else, to be able to to juggle being a father."

Christmas may be over, but shoutout to Simu for the late post we needed to carry us into 2021. This might be even better than the time he bought out an entire theatre for fans to watch The Farewell.

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