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People are loving Justin and Hailey Bieber's quarantine reality series filmed near Toronto

Mega superstar and Stratford native Justin Bieber is truly a small-town boy at heart, and with wife Hailey, he's showing off that side of him in their new reality series about their time in quarantine.

The Biebers on Watch is a new 12-episode series starring the pair as they go about their life and adventures while quarantined in Justin's Cambridge, Ontario mansion that's located about 1.5 hours west of Toronto.

The 10-minute clips posted to Facebook Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at noon feature the two "open up their home and marriage to offer an exclusive look at their life through a series of intimate conversations and activities with famous friends and family."

So far, people are loving getting a glimpse into the everyday life of the two high-profile, typically L.A.-based celebs and appreciate them opening up about everything from fishing and cooking to deeply personal aspects of their marriage.

In the first episode, which has 3.4 million views so far, Justin and Hailey take a small rowboat out on Puslinch Lake and delve deep into some of the challenges their relationship has faced.

"You guys are very open with and supportive of each other," commented one viewer. "You are overcoming problems that had been bothering you both through communicating with one another. I'm soo happy for you."

"You guys are my favorite couple. Your journey was tough but through ups and downs here you guys are.  You both have inspirired so many of us," said another.

"Thank you for sharing so much for your personal life with us," yet another wrote on the video. "Justin, thank you for telling your truth and being an open book about what you’ve been and continue to go through every day."

The series comes hot off the success of Justin's YouTube docuseries Justin Bieber: Seasons, which set the record for most-watched YouTube original in its first week.

The overwhelmingly positive response to The Biebers stems from their candid discussions about their romantic journey and universal experiences with love.

"Thanks for sharing this. You’re both so reflective, thoughtful and grounded.... you show such maturity and respect for one another. Very nice!" wrote one person.

"Wholesome content, love this!" said another.

"That’s awesome, Justin and Hailey, that you are showing her how peaceful it is to be outdoors in Canada," reads another comment.

The second video shows Hailey sporting a Toronto Blue Jays shirt as they cook pasta together, dance to Justin's music, and chat about going on tour together and Justin's dietry restrictions. 

Hailey goes on to talk about how she's helping Justin with his adult-onset acne and explains her strict skincare regimen, which then leads into a discussion about how diet helped with Justin's depression.

"This made my day. I am also gluten-free as I have Celiac disease, and gluten free pasta is a lot better. Sugar0free as well because of fatty liver and dairy free, I drink soy milk," someone commented. 

"Depression is real I am proud of Justin for going over his bumps in the road and Hailey for her support and encouragement. Thank you."

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