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Toronto woman's request for a dress to wear to wedding goes viral on TikTok

A recent tale involving one Toronto woman proves that social media might not be so bad after all, after she turned to Tik Tok for a last minute request. 

Toronto resident Charlotte Rose posted a TikTok this week, asking if anyone in the GTA had a specific Paloma Wool dress she was hoping to wear to a wedding. 

"Do you own this dress in a size small?" Charlotte asked. "I'm going to a wedding on Feb. 19 and I would love to rent it from you for one night. I don't want to buy anything new, but I also don't love the options in a lot of the dress rental places, so if you own it let me know." 

The video essentially transformed into a global treasure hunt, and has garnered 2.5M views and over 160K likes at the time of writing. 

The comment section of the TikTok was almost immediately flooded with tips from fellow fashionistas, who said they would engage with the post to hopefully boost it on the app's algorithm. 

The video even received a comment from TikTok star and transgender rights activist Dylan Mulvaney, who wrote, "I wish I did so I could loan it to you!" 

Charlotte came painfully close to acquiring the dress on multiple occassions, but more times than not, the commenter was located in another country or owned the dress in a different size. 

A few hours ago, Charlotte's dreams of renting the dress came closer to reality than ever, when one user wrote, "hey! I have the dress in a small and I'm in the GTA!" 

Today, Charlotte finally updated her followers on her treasure hunt, writing, "the dress has been secured!!" She went on to thank each and every person who helped boost the video across the platform. 

"Y'ALL ARE MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE," she captioned the video, all while dancing to the 1980s Hall & Oakes classic, "You Make My Dreams." 

In a separate video, Charlotte provided more information on the highly-anticipated transaction. 

"Out of the two million people that saw the video, there was literally only one, there was one girl that lived in Ontario that had the dress in a size small. I got a couple offers from Berlin and Germany, and I came very close to borrowing the dress from a girl in L.A., who was gonna send it to me," she explained. 

"One girl in Ontario is willing to lend it to me, I offered to pay, and she wants to lend it to me for free, which is so incredibly kind of her, and I'm actually gonna have to go on a little road trip next week to pick it up because she's about an hour outside the city," Charlotte said. 

Despite its drawbacks, Charlotte's worldwide treasure hunt for this eco-friendly trade might just prove that social media is a beautiful thing when we all come together. 

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