Helly Hansen recall

Helly Hansen recalls thousands of hoodies and sweaters in Canada

Tens of thousands of Helly Hansen brand sweaters and hoodies have been recalled by Health Canada due to flammability hazards.

"The affected products, which incorporate brushed cotton fabrics that have undergone a specific treatment, either do not or may not comply with the Textile Flammability Regulations," the federal agency said in a press release on Wednesday.

The total number of affected items sold in Canada is 128,680. They were all sold between August 2019 and 2022.

Helly Hansen recall

A few of the sweaters being recalled by Health Canada. Source: Health Canada

The recall includes 27 different models of clothing:

78380 – Manchester Graphic Hoodie
79243 – Kensington Zip Hoodie
79245 – Kensington Sweatshirt
79247 – Kensington Zip Sweatshirt
79263 – HHWW Graphic Sweatshirt
79264 – Logo Hoodie
79208 – Manchester Sweatshirt
79209 – W Manchester Sweatshirt
79210 – Manchester Half Zip Sweatshirt
79212 – Manchester Zip Sweatshirt
79213 – W Manchester Zip Sweatshirt
79214 – Manchester Hoodie
79215 – W Manchester Hoodie
79216 – Manchester Zip Hoodie
79217 – W Manchester Zip Hoodie
41741 – JR Graphic Hoodie
53525 – Stripe Hybrid Jacket
53579 – YU Crew Sweater
53582 – YU Hoodie 2.0
62933 – F2F Cotton Sweater
62933 – F2F Organic Cotton Sweater
62934 – F2F Cotton Hoodie
62934 – F2F Organic Cotton Hoodie
62935 – W F2F Cotton Sweater
62935 – W F2F Organic Cotton Sweater
62936 – W F2F Cotton Hoodie
62936 -W F2F Organic Cotton Hoodie

Do not try to redistribute, sell, or give away any of the items within Canada. It is prohibited to do so with recalled products under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

Helly Hansen says it has not received any reports of incidents or injuries in connection with the listed products in Canada, at least as of January 9 this year.

Take a thorough look inside your closet, and if you have any of the recalled items, immediately stop using them and contact Helly Hansen to get a credit note.

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