cat and dog halloween costumes

Pets outshone Toronto's entire human population with their Halloween costumes this year

The people of Toronto were playing to win with their Halloween costumes this spooky season. I'd be an insolent liar to say I was anything other than impressed with 2022's showing.

I'd also be a liar to say that any dressed-up human being could delight me more than a dressed-up animal, even when said human has donned a mind-blowingly creative or difficult-to-execute ensemble and said animal is wearing but a simple rain jacket.

This is millennial biology; we cannot override it, nor would we ever want to, with the exception of those tragic few souls who are legitimately allergic to cats and dogs... and even they can appreciate pictures of pets in costume on Halloween.

One must be made of serial killer dust to snub images of French Bulldogs dressed as condiments. These people should be arrested at once.

As for the people who go to great lengths to create costumes for their fur-covered loved ones and take photos of these costumes to share online for all to enjoy, they are angels walking on Earth.

I don't have it within my power to give anyone below a key to the city, but if I did... I'd give it to their dog, cat, gecko, rabbit, or whoever else is serving that fierceness on camera,

I understand that the pets did nothing but model the outfits their creative humans chose for them, but look at these faces. 


Here are but a few of the many award-worthy Halloween costumes seen on pets in Toronto this year, starting with this enchanting retelling of the Brothers Grimm classic, Little Red Riding Hood.

Also cu-ool (cute but also cool) is this spider-pom.

This pug is Britney, betch.

And this Yorkie is Pikachu.

This orange beauty was a lobster (be sure to swipe for the costume's full effect.)

A lot of pet costumes were inspired by popular culture this year. Here's a white husky as GOT's Jon Snow.

Iconic horror franchises like Chucky were also well-represented.

Many animals went as... other animals.

Some of the animals they dressed as were already dead and cooked for human consumption.

This giraffe costume is pretty darned good.

Many more dogs, cats and even guinea pigs went as food items.

This lil' one dressed up in a different Halloween costume every single day in October. You thought you were bad for having three costumes every Halloween? This dog has 30.

Here's a chocolate lab wearing an elephant costume, just because.

This cat appears to be a Nurse Practitioner. Good for him!

This is my dog as The Joker. Our cat went as Robin, but she didn't come to this party.

I could keep adding to this post until October of 2023 if I wanted to. There are so many great pet costumes this year. But I must do other things, so let me leave you with this:

I'm not entirely sure what this dog is dressed as, but that's one majestic looking pooch. Good for him.

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