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A Toronto TikToker is going viral after Trudeau says he’s watched his videos

A Toronto TikToker is going viral after Justin Trudeau says he's watched the videos of him impersonating the Prime Minister. 

Stephen Kalyn, 23, has over 76,000 followers on TikTok for a comedic video series, where he impersonates what Trudeau might act like in everyday life. 

Earlier this month, Kalyn dressed up like Trudeau to meet him while he was campaigning in the TikToker's hometown of Markham. 

"I threw my suit on and headed down there, I saw the Liberal bus and I immediately got the jitters, but I was excited," said Kalyn. 

While waiting for Trudeau to come off the bus, Kalyn says he was approached by someone from the Prime Minister's campaign team who recognized the TikToker from his videos. 

"She told me they loved my stuff and thought my videos were hilarious and then asked if I wanted to meet Justin," said Kalyn. 

Next thing you know, Trudeau came walking up to the TikToker and they exchanged a short conversation, while taking some photos. 

"He said his wife loved my bit about the fur coat and he laughed when I said 'it's like looking in the mirror'," Kalyn added. 

One of the first videos that blew up on the TikToker's page was of him acting out a real scene from Trudeau's press conference, where he forgets his coat inside of Rideau Cottage. 

The video shows Kalyn acting out a parody of the scene, showing a comedic exchange between the Prime Minister and his wife when he went inside. 


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Kalyn says he started posting the impersonations on TikTok this past April, after several people told him he looks just like Justin Trudeau. 

"I watched a lot of videos of him and I noticed a pattern of his speech, I sort of just picked up on it and found there was a lot of comedy in the way he was speaking," said Kalyn. 

"He's got sort of this lisp and intense sounding voice...he does these dramatic pauses and I picked up on things like that and thought maybe I could make something out of this," he added. 

Kalyn already had a background in performing and sketch comedy, he studied acting at Humber College for two years before doing TikTok. 

His first video called "A Day in the Life with Justin Trudeau" was posted this past April and soared with popularity getting over 100,000 views overnight. 

"My first thought was okay this has definitely caught some eyes, people seem to like this, we need to jump on this and continue doing it," said Kalyn. 

The TikToker says he only posts videos of what he finds makes him laugh, and if other people like it too, then that's a bonus. 

"It feels good to see people commenting about how my video has made their day or people saying they had a bad day but my video turned it around for them," said Kalyn. 

Kalyn says he's recently reflected on the power of TikTok and how the platform has provided him with the opportunity to perform and do what he loves. 

"This thing that I'm holding in my hands has brought me to the attention of the leader of Canada," he said. "He just won the election so there's definitely going to be more videos to come." 

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Stephen Kalyn 

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