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Ontario woman gets to keep coffin flowerbed after neighbour files complaint

A quality garden can bring a bit of life to any lawn, balcony, or deck... and apparently also to a coffin.

St. Catharines resident Christina Calbury used her green thumb and creative mind to create one of the most unique flower beds anyone has ever seen.

"I came across an ad on Facebook marketplace, someone was selling coffins. I immediately though it would make a great flower bed," Calbury told blogTO. 

"We bought one, put it in the backyard, filled it with flowers and loved it! So we bought a second one for the front lawn, filled it with flowers and love it just as much!"

While the creative flowerbed led to many people stopping to take photos and praising the unique design, at least one neighbour didn't approve.

Calbury and her partner received a letter from the city stating they receiving a complaint and that the flowerbed was in fact a waste bylaw infraction.

Not wanting to lose their new garden piece, the two set up a petition that raised nearly 200 signatures and fought against the complaint, ultimately winning and getting to keep their newest lawn decoration.

Despite the victory, it's unlikely that future renovations and garden designs will involve extensive coffin use.

"We have other ideas for landscaping and flowers but nothing more will be added as far as coffins go. We added the coffins because we like them not to make anyone upset," Calbury explained.

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Christina Calbury

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