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Young sisters from Toronto launch streetwear line to redefine mental health

Mental health needs to be redefined more than ever right now, and three young sisters from Toronto (two of whom are under 30) have launched a streetwear line to try and do just that.

Spirit Redefined was launched by sisters Simra (18), Sabrina (29), and Sophia (32) Nizamuddin during the pandemic, with all profits going towards improving access to mental health services for Canadians.

They "launched this business during the pandemic because we noticed the large gap in mental healthcare support for people with a need or in crisis," Sabrina told blogTO.

Simra added: "My sisters and I started the company because we saw how the stigma of mental health really affects those who are living with mental health challenges.

"Personally, we've seen how mental health can impact the quality of life but those who live with mental illness remain resilient, strong, and brave, more than many others. That's how we came up with the concept of bringing animals and the qualities they embody to redefine what it's like to live with mental health challenges."

"The Spirit of Mental Health is guided by two principles: Redefine and Own your mental health," reads the Spirit Redefined site.

"We reference treasured animals like the lion, bear, hummingbird, eagle, tiger, and gorilla to represent the most powerful forces in the mental health healing journey: courage, bravery, resilience, strength, liberty, and willpower."

Their apparel is emblazoned with phrases like "Redefine Bravery" and "Redefine Willpower" alongside stylized images of animals.

The line consists of tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, accessories and jackets with branding in a wide range of graphic styles. Tees start around $35.

"I have been coaching kickboxing classes for almost 10 years and I've witnessed first hand how mental health plays a big role in our physical health and our external environment. We wanted to create a line that not only meant something special for those focused on mental health but anyone ready to redefine who they are," says Sabrina.

"I work in marketing/design full time and designed the line. Each design has a meaning attached to it. The gold was chosen because it's a sign of triumph. Each animal symbolizes a positive quality that is within us. Most importantly, we wanted to start something so that we can give back to those needing mental healthcare services."

The profits from the streetwear line are all being reinvested back into a mental health service of the sisters' own creation tentatively named Redefine Mental Health, which Sabrina describes as "a platform to improve access to mental healthcare services in Ontario." 

If you think something like this is desperately needed in Toronto, or if part of keeping your mental health intact during the pandemic has been online shopping, check out this online store. Not only will you be supporting these young sisters, your purchase will have a ripple effect beyond buying an average hoodie.

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