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Street Style: Hobo Chic and Dark Ravers

For this week's Street Style, I spent much of the weekend traipsing up and down Yonge Street in the freezing cold. My goal was not to just document any random looks I came across, but to photograph people that looked interesting. I got to meet a lot of friendly people, and it was fun talking to them and hearing the little stories behind the clothes.
Name: Carlyn
Occupation: Student
Location: Yonge/Carlton
My style: Just weird. I like weird stuff. Tacky stuff, too.
Favourite item: I'm wearing these new earrings. I got them in New York. They were on sale for four dollars, so they were a good bargain.

Names: Ricardo and Jessica
Occupation: Students
Location: Yonge/Gerrard
My style (Ricardo): Dark raver.
Favourite item (Ricardo): That would be my Tripp coat. It's pretty much a bondage coat. I just love the style of it, and how the zipper is on an angle - along with all the laces to lock it up. It's kind of unique. It stands out from everybody else.
My style (Jessica): It's different every day. But today, I guess I'm kind of a raver, kind of pirate-like.
Favourite item (Jessica): My leggings, because they're different. They're not just plain, one colour.

Street Style Toronto

Name: Lindsay
Occupation: Theatre costume seamstress
Location: Yonge/Melinda
My style: Hobo chic. I'm wearing one mitten and mismatched socks (laughs). I don't know. I'm a little bit "whatever."
Style influences: I don't follow high fashion that much, but because I'm surrounded by costume design and that kind of thing, I think I get a bit of a theatrical influence.

Name: Morgan
Occupation: Student
Location: Yonge/Queen
My style: Mostly I wear black with a bit of grey. I don't wear bright colours.
Favourite item: Leather jacket, just because it's keeping me warm.
Favourite places to shop: Zara, MANGO, Urban Behavior.

Street Style Toronto

Name: Megan
Occupation: Fashion student
Location: Yonge/Charles
Outfit: I was wearing it last night, because I was at a party, and this is what I woke up in.
Favourite item: Probably my dress. It's my friend's. Or my socks. I got them from H&M. They were on sale for two bucks.


Street Style Toronto

Occupation: Mechanical engineer
Location: Yonge/Bloor
Favourite item: My boots, because they're really cute - and high. I had been looking for boots for a long time, and I finally found these and they were pretty cheap - 25 bucks, so I got them.
Name: Sam
Occupation: Fashion design student
Location: Yonge/Gould
My style: Messy (laughs). I just throw everything on. Just whatever I like.
Favourite item: Probably my leather jacket, just because I've been obsessed with them since I was little. I feel like a good leather jacket is a good base to any outfit.

Name: Natalie
Occupation: Sales associate at Urban Outfitters
Location: Yonge/Dundas
My style: I like to wear things that are too big for me, and comfy. I like tapered pants, winter boots, big coats - stuff like that.
Favourite item: This batwing hoodie from American Apparel. It's really comfy.

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