Worn Fashion Journal, a different take on fashion magazines

I have to admit, I don't read many fashion magazines. I subscribe to Fashion, it's Canadian, and more fashion focused. I find that the other Canadian offerings are more about celebrities and that drives me nuts. I have fallen in love with the Gap Press Magazines. The show photos are beautiful and the clothes look better in print than on style.com. Best of all there is no advertising. Most other magazines I ignore because there is nothing that interests me. The latest editorials will be online within days, if not hours, so I'll see them soon enough.

I've discovered a new magazine to add to my limited reading list, Worn Fashion Journal. I can't remember how I first heard about Worn, probably during one of my late night Internet binges when I really should have been sleeping. The magazine's concept intrigued me; it's different from the norm. I ordered the first two issues using their website.

Worn Fashion Journal isn't your ordinary fashion magazine, it's much more personal. It focuses on the cities of New York, Montreal and Toronto. Advertising is minimal and content is king. The ads featured are from local businesses. Worn is part reference book with articles covering fashion and trend history. Recurring columns include:
Everything I wanted to know about Fashion - insightful commentary on the influence of mothers on personal style. Each issue a different authour shares a story about that relationship.
Material Girl - Everything you wanted to know about Fabric including historical information and care.
You've been misinformed - As the tag line states its practical advice for those who know better. When I saw the two page spread on Laundry, one of my favourite topics, I was hooked. Strange as it is, laundry is important to me. I get very Zen like when folding and ironing. My mother had a habit of ruining my clothes when I was young so I had to learn early. She would turn a white shirt pink or put something in the dryer instead of hanging it to dry.
Books about Looks - fashion book reviews
This shit ain't free - Makeup reviews by Bella B. The title of this column is perfect.

Worn's editorials keep it local by using Toronto shops like Exile and Stella Luna. There is no focus on selling the latest season's trend and highlights personal style. The back cover is dedicated to street style shots. Readers are encouraged to submit their pictures for consideration. Each issue features artists whose work utilizes fashion in some manner. Music, film and fashion usually go hand in hand; it also has its place in the journal.

Serah-Marie McMahan founded Worn Fashion Journal in 2005. It's a biannual publication with delivery in the spring and fall. Serah is always looking for volunteers to contribute to Worn. This is a great opportunity to build that portfolio. Issue 3 is available now and I am waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail.

Purchase Worn online or at any of these local retailers:
Book City - Annex
Freedom Clothing
Toronto Women's Bookstore
This Ain't the Rosedale Library

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