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Ollie Quinn

Ollie Quinn (formerly Bailey Nelson) is a boutique eyewear store on Queen West . They aim to provide high-quality, trendy, glasses and sunglasses you can actually afford (ranging from the basic $155 to the highest price point of $355).

Bailey Nelson Toronto

As it states on the company's profile: "There is no reason glasses should cost more than an iPad simply because they have a small brand name on the temple."

Bailey Nelson Toronto

The shop doesn't make you want to get in and out fast; it's a place where you linger. Possibly because everyone from the optician to the owners, Michael Andersen and Matthew Nicholson, are so friendly and charming, or that the glasses are so pointedly in style.

Bailey Nelson TorontoThere's no pressure to buy or try, you can just look and get a sense of what's working for you.

I was lucky enough to have two clerks assess the perfect pair of glasses for me. Like judges from a reality show, they picked off certain styles, until I was left with one pair of funky, square black glasses suitable for my face.

Bailey Nelson Toronto

They weren't afraid to tell me when something didn't suit my face, or when, after trying on eight different pairs, something fit perfectly. The staff seem to be less sales associates than stylists.

Bailey Nelson Toronto

Andersen and Nicholson tell me customers are opting for more adventurous styles, moving away from the traditional and opting for colour on their frame and going for rounder, more fashion-forward shapes.

Bonus points that the store offers an onsite optician, and will soon offer optometry services.

Bailey Nelson Toronto

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Ollie Quinn

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