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Toronto restaurant gets one-star review for not giving customer free birthday dessert

Going out for dinner on your birthday is a very common way to celebrate, but one Toronto couple publicly scolded a restaurant for not giving them anything for free.

It seems a very unhappy duo laid into a very popular Toronto restaurant for potentially ruining their annual celebration over a free dessert.

Take a close look at the Google reviews for Mademoiselle Raw Bar + Grill and you'll see a review from two weeks ago that left the King Street restaurant just one star.

Get ready for this one.

"When I was making a reservation a week before, I mentioned that it's going to be my bf's birthday on the day (March 18/2023), as soon as we sat, I reminded it to the server again," read's the beginning of the completely ridiculous review.

"I was expecting a small dessert for him with a little wishes on the plate, as at least she could ask what I'd want to get for him. Literally, nothing happened."

Yikes! Going to a fine dining establishment and expecting a free cupcake? Perhaps this couple should've gone to Jack Astor's instead.

Though they did say the "food was good," to make matters worse, the complainer went one step further and said they had the "worst martinis" and "very low quality oysters."

"Compared to its price, I had way better ones at different places also cheaper! Overall, it was not worth paying 900 dollars for 2 hours," finished the rant.

Not putting up with the bull-crap, Mademoiselle's owner rightfully shot back.

"You were expecting something free/on the house? On any given night there are celebrations happening at most tables," read the response, clearly showing how not-financially savvy it would be to dish out free desserts to every celebrating party.

As for the "worst" martinis and "low quality" oysters, the owner also did not put up with this unfounded claim.

"The bartenders on staff are some of the best in the city. Our oysters are market price, delivered daily, and sourced from the best suppliers," the response finished.

google one star review

A screenshot of the one-star review and response.

Remember folks, nothing in life is free, not even a silly little dessert on your silly little birthday.

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Renee Suen at Mademoiselle

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