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New Toronto nightclub bombarded by one-star reviews for so many reasons

A new Toronto cocktail bar and nightclub is not exactly being met with the warmest reception by patrons, and a series of one-star reviews is clouding the reputation of the recently-opened King West establishment.

Isabelle's has only been open for a few months, earning a 3.8-star rating through Google reviews in its short existence.

Its overall rating has been dragged down by numerous one-star ratings, many accompanied by lengthy explanations as to why the intimate spot above Belfast Love has failed to live up to expectations.

A few reviews have focused on crowds, with one reviewer saying that at one point in the evening, "the bar became insanely crowded," adding that "there were no less than 40 people crammed into the booth area on one side of us, a section reserved for 'up to 12 people'."

"Our area was completely taken over by a drunk and aggressive group of men who were shoving their way through, and spilling drinks all over us," continues the review.

The review closes with a concern that the "lack of regard for our space and safety" were "shocking," and states that the club "was a total free for all and most of our group left early."

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Another one-star review complains about "poor security measures," calling them "unacceptable," and claiming that the establishment has an unusually high rate of phone thefts — a claim corroborated by other negative reviews.

To their credit, the management at Isabelle's is responding in detail to these negative reviews with its side of the story and attempts to win back disappointed customers.

"Our security works hard to ensure our guests enjoy a safe and comfortable night within the venue," says a representative of Isabelle's responding to the security concerns.

isabelles toronto

One reviewer felt the nightclub wasn't safe.

The response goes on to say that, "unfortunately, with such high volume, phone theft is incredibly difficult to monitor. We encourage you to report any stolen items to law enforcement, and we're happy to cooperate in any way you need us to."

In addition to security concerns, the reviewer says that "the drinks are outrageously overpriced and the service is abysmal."

isabelles toronto

There are numerous reviews about the 25+ policy.

"The bartenders seem more interested in chatting amongst themselves than actually serving customers. I tried asking for a glass of water at the bar and after waiting 10 minutes I was met with attitude and an eyeroll."

This review is one of a handful that calls out the bathrooms at Isabelle's, saying that, "for a supposedly upscale place, the conditions in the restroom were appalling. They were dirty, poorly maintained, and the smell was unbearable."

isabelles toronto

One customer had a long list of complaints.

As of writing, Isabelle's has been reviewed 78 times on Google, 22 of which are single-star reviews.

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