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Toronto bar is holding 'auditions' for new staff and people aren't impressed

Cabana Pool Bar is hiring for the Summer season and are having a casting call as their in-person interviews for 11 front of house positions. 

They are currently hiring for roles such as: Bussers, Food Runners, Bartenders, Brand Ambassadors, and Lifeguards. 

They've requested all applicants bring a resume and head shot photo to the casting call. 

In the advertisement posted on their official social media channels, two women in white bikinis are holding bottles of alcohol in the air.

cabana bar

The job ad in question from the official Cabana newsletter before our inquiry.

Since posting, people online have commented their disappointment in the use of the term casting call, calling out Cabana Pool Bar for holding auditions instead of interviews. 

One person on Instagram commented, "(It's) time for all Instagram influencers to apply". 

While there is no law that bans photos on resumes, it is illegal to choose a candidate based on factors such as age, religion, origin, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities thus making photos moot point.

While the use of head shots are standard practice in the performing arts and the fashion industry, one's merits are supplemented with a performative or production based evaluation. 

The issue here with Cabana Pool Bar is that the qualifications and qualities a candidate of any of the positions they are hiring for needs no physical appearance based evaluations.  

When blogTO reached out to INK Entertainment Group, parent company of Cabana Pool Bar, for an official quote they replied the use of the term "casting call" was simply for entertainment value.

"(The) terminology is intended to build excitement around the job fair and the various opportunities available," their spokesperson explained.

When asked to explain the need for head shots during the application process, they responded "Head shots are not required for any of the listed roles at Cabana or elsewhere within the organization".

After taking several days to respond to our inquiry, they let us know that they've decided to officially remove the requirement of a head shot for the in-person interviews.

The captions on all official social media channels now show the mention of head shots have been removed.

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Cabana Pool Bar

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