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Someone made a graph of Toronto's ramen joints and the results are surprising

Reddit user u/Ace_Dystopia has made a clever scatter plot graph of the best ramen in Toronto using Google data which you can see here.

The measures are the number of Google reviews by Google ratings up to five stars. 

u/Ace_Dystopia explained that the reason they set out to build this model was because "I'm a big ramen fan, and almost every time I eat out in Toronto, it'll be at a ramen restaurant. I haven't been eating at restaurants much, so I decided to create this graph."

Published last year, the lowest rated restaurant starts at 4 stars and the highest at 4.7 stars.

While not all the data is labelled, they highlighted the most popular spots, including their specific locations.

toronto ramen

Graph by u/Ace_Dystopia

Momofuku had the most reviews but the lowest rating at 4.2 stars, which may not surprise you considering their recent closure

The highest rated at 4.7 stars, with the second highest amount of reviews was the original Ramen Isshin at College

The lowest rated and least reviewed was a Kinton Ramen location at 4 stars. It's interesting but not shocking to note Kinton accounts for five of the lowest rated options. 

The second highest rated but with not as many reviews were Hokkaido Ramen Santouka in Midtown and Ikkousha Ramen on Queen both at 4.6 stars. 

u/Ace_Dystopia says their personal top three favourites are: Isshin College, Hokkaido Santouka Dundas, and Sansotei Dundas

While the data is interesting, I still feel the most reliable source to get your info on where to eat ramen in Toronto is this best of list.

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Fareen Karim

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