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Oakville woman makes viral video proving drag shows don't actually traumatize kids

An earring maker near Toronto has gone viral on TikTok for her satirical video showing how not traumatizing a drag brunch is for kids.

Posted this week by Tianna Bastien of The Curated Lobe in Oakville, the video has around 340,000 views.

"With all the controversy surrounding children and drag queens these days, I thought I would go undercover and take our girls to a drag show and see what kind of horrible trauma they endure," begins the video's voiceover narration.

The voiceover continues to describe how she and two kids "dressed the part" which included lots of sparkles, brought $5 bills for tips, and their meeting an "ally" at Community on Kerr St. in Oakville.

"Had to have a drink to be able to get through it, because honestly, I wasn't even sure that I was gonna be able to pull it off," the voiceover continues. "The first queen came out and how dare she look like that. I mean, if I were to wear that outfit it would definitely look good, but definitely not on her."

The video then shows the two children happily tipping the queens, and then being pulled up to participate in an interactive part of the show.

"How dare they put sparkles on the girls, making them feel all sparkly and shiny and part of the show?" the video continues. "They did a dance to Baby Shark."

The video shows the girls dancing around very happily and excitedly, with big smiles at the end.

"I didn't set out to capture the videos for the voiceover that I ended up using. I was just capturing the awesome, wholesome moments the girls were experiencing. But after seeing all that, in light of all the negative media these days surrounding the drag community I wanted to highlight the wonderful time the girls had while also showing how ridiculous all the haters sound," Bastien tells blogTO.

"We called ahead, and they said this one was kid-friendly, and the queens were the perfect mix of fabulous and friendly. They really made everyone, including the kids at the show, feel special. Kids should learn to be loving and accepting of all, and this helped them along that path."

The girls in the video are five and seven years old, and for the most part response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive.

"As far as the girls were concerned, the queens were gorgeous princesses and there were no questions asked about gender, only how they did such beautiful hair and makeup and when they can go again," says Bastien.

The Curated Lobe also makes and sells pronoun studs as another way of supporting the queer community.

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Tianna Bastien

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