tim hortons toronto

People are slamming a Toronto Tim Hortons with one-star reviews for different reasons

Service and quality at Tim Hortons locations across Toronto can differ greatly, but one location in particular is getting nailed by one-star reviews online. 

The Tim Hortons location in question currently has a 3.1 rating with 452 reviews on Google, and is located at 563 Sherbourne Street

Negative reviews regarding this Tim Hortons point out food quality, while others criticize the location's customer service (or lack thereof), calling the staff "rude" and "super slow." 

Some of the common complaints revolve around receiving a completely different menu item than ordered, and even being served "expired tea" (ew). 

"This is the worst Tim Hortons on the face of the Earth. Abandon hope when you enter," one review reads. 

tim hortons toronto

Tim Hortons at 563 Sherbourne Street currently has an average score of only 3.1 stars.

Someone else called the location "the worst Tim Hortons I have ever stepped foot in." 

"I arrived with five people in front of me. Waited 16 minutes and the staff of three had only served one person. They are unable to prioritize and seem like they're incapable of multitasking," another person wrote. 

"The staff is horrible. When I actually receive the right drink that I ordered it's decent, but that only happens 50 per cent of the time. The other 50 per cent of the time the drink I receive isn't even close to what I order," one review reads. 

"This is the worst Tim's I've been to in the city. The staff has no sense of urgency and customer service is poor. Multiple times I've seen staff argue with customers over something as small as not putting sugar in a coffee. It doesn't matter if you're next in line, you will wait a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes for your order," one person wrote. 

tim hortons toronto

More one-star reviews from the same Tim Hortons location.

The majority of Tim Hortons around the city seem to have a rating of 3.3 and above, so it looks like this particular location comes short when compared to the others. 

It's worth noting that the business has also received several five-star reviews during the last couple of months. One person wrote, "fast service, great selection and very clean store."

This location has yet to respond to most of the one-star reviews on Google, so it remains unclear if they've taken any of the feedback as constructive criticism. 

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