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Man says girlfriend unfairly denied free birthday breakfast at Denny's in Toronto

People love getting free stuff on their birthday in Toronto, but one man is saying his girlfriend was denied her complimentary Grand Slam just for being born at a Denny's in Toronto recently.

Victor created a cheeky GoFundMe to protest what he feels like was some unfair treatment experienced at the Denny's at Dundas Square, but also to bring up what he feels like are some broader issues.

"The birthday breakfast should not be policed I say," Victor tells blogTO. "The GoFund me is a tongue in cheek reaction to the situation."

You have to present your ID and prove it's your birthday to get a free breakfast at Denny's, but Victor feels like the restaurant staff went way beyond that. They first denied his girlfriend using the offer for takeout for lunch during her work day, so the couple went back to dine later.

He says the reaction was "as if we had drawn guns and asked for all the money in the register" and that the server said they'd have to ask the manager, that they wouldn't be allowed to share even a bite of the free food and that they couldn't take it home.

"I feel like the broader issue is, can a restaurant serve you food and police how you eat it?" Victor asks. "How can a restaurant serve you food and tell you not to share or not to leave with it?"

Victor says he did end up speaking to the manager away from his girlfriend and didn't want to end up ruining her night, but that the whole situation left a sour taste in their mouth. Thus, the pointed fundraiser asking some kind soul to just buy them breakfast.

Denny's has been offering dine-in guests a free Grand Slam on their birthday since the 1990s, with their only exceptions being at Niagara Falls and Nepean.

"We are aware of our guest's message on GoFundMe and their request for a cash donation so they can go for breakfast. While we are delighted to hear how important this is to our guests, but we believe the GoFundMe platform should be reserved for those individuals and families who need emergency funds," a Denny's representative tells blogTO.

"We have reached out to the guest through GoFundMe with a donation in the amount they asked for, in addition to a request for their contact information so we can reach out to them directly to learn more about what happened at this Franchise location and apologize personally."

Denny's Canada is in fact the sole contributor to the campaign, putting up the requested $15 funds.

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