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People vowing to never buy from these Ontario wineries again after Doug Ford visited

People are saying they'll no longer support certain Ontario wineries after Doug Ford paid them a visit this past week, doing one of his usual photo ops.

There's been previous outcry from people who've sworn off certain restaurants or businesses because Doug Ford was seen visiting them.

These wineries are no different.

Ford tweeted that the two wineries he visited had sustained damage last winter, and that he wanted to support growth in the wine and grape sector, tagging Cave Springs, Heubel Grapes Estates and Grape Growers of Ontario.

People responded that his visit means they'll never buy wine from these sources again.

Many people commented in addition to not wanting to shop at these wineries anymore, the visit looked like a cushy day for someone with so much responsibility.

As the state of healthcare in Ontario tumbles into deeper crisis, logically many people pointed out that Ford should be touring hospitals instead of idyllic wineries.

People also noted that it appeared Ford had left Queen's Park early around the time of the visit, perhaps in order to take these breezy tours.

In addition, others pointed out that there was a PC party fundraiser in the area that night, so it seems like he wasn't actually in the area to find out about grape growth, but rather for the fundraiser.

To add insult to injury, people are enraged that the fundraiser cost $1,000 a plate.

One person exclaimed that this amount is almost as much as ODSP recipients receive per month, calling the comparison "disgraceful."

Others poked fun at Ford asking if he'd be trying to make "buck a wine" happen now.

Buck a beer or buck a wine...many people out there are disagreeing with Ford's priorities.

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Doug Ford

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