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Doug Ford stopped by a pub and people now don't want to go there anymore

Doug Ford has once again tweeted about stopping by yet another local pub and restaurant, and as usual people are saying they now don't want to support a place that would have him as a guest.

This time it was Southcote 53 Tap and Grill, a casual grill located in Ancaster, Ontario.

"Thanks to Awnish, Armando and Mark for having @BenninkFred
 and I by," reads the tweet in strangely twisted syntax.

"Our party will always support family-owned businesses & help them #GetItDone."

Not only are people saying this is one business they'll no longer support, they're also pointing out the hypocrisy of Ford saying he'll "always support family-owned businesses" when many feel he completely abandoned them in terms of support and policies during lockdowns.

Others are also saying that there are more important things than these regular pub photo ops, and that a visit to those affected by Ontario's recent destructive storm might mean more.

Of course, it's not the only concerning thing in the news cycle people want to see Ford address instead of tweeting about local restaurants.

Gun violence and carjackings have dominated headlines recently, and people are seeing a pub visit as a bit insensitive right now.

Still, some people are simply sticking to their guns and saying they won't support any business where Ford has been. 

One person even tweeted they'd rule out other companies he's endorsed like McDonald's, Shoppers and Tim Hortons.

Someone actually even pointed out that his photo ops at these places might have the opposite effect as many people have a similar opinion, and now won't support Southcote since he's been there.

One person actually said the place isn't far away from them, and wished they could have known Ford was visiting.

However, it was only because they wished they could have asked Ford some serious questions while he was close by.

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Doug Ford

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