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People are ripping on Doug Ford for yet another photo op at an Ontario restaurant

Doug Ford seems to rarely pass up an opportunity for a photo op at a local restaurant, whether it's a small business or a big chain like McDonald's or Tim Hortons.

A lot of people take issue with these kind of photo ops for being hypocritical, as advertising big-box businesses and handling restrictions poorly can be seen as flying in the face of supporting small businesses.

He recently did one at Ol' West Wing in Barrie, and people are replying to the photos of the premier grinning under a mask to rip on him with all their latest grievances.

However, the latest concerns people have centre more around two things.

The first is issues with restrictions, many of which are lifting rapidly, with vaccine passports no longer required for indoor dining and mask mandates set to lift Mar. 21.

The second is the handling of the relief budget, with billions of dollars unspent.

One person who says they're a business owner says he feels Ford has actually ignored small businesses rather than supporting them.

People who are concerned that restrictions in Ontario are being lifted too soon are critical of Ford showing how he's going to a restaurant.

It's an activity many people don't feel safe doing without restrictions in place.

Some people feel that the photos show you can still have a great time while wearing a mask.

They're saying this shows that mandates could helpfully remain in place in public settings.

Some people are so sick of the photo ops they actually don't want to go to any of the places where Ford has had his picture taken.

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Doug Ford

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